As a professional speaker, I’m busier than I have ever been.  This week I did one speaking engagement, booked two more and did a great deal of promising networking.  I’m in the heart of my career and enjoying it so much.

Yet this afternoon, as I devote time to writing blogs and composing new copy for my website, I notice the only emails that are coming in are junk that I will only delete.  Also, the single phone call I’ve received is from a telemarketer.

When I speak, I love to have my audiences raise their right pointer finger, point it at their hearts, and enthusiastically declare: “I am the Best!”.  But on an afternoon like this, I notice myself interpreting the quiet to mean, I’m not doing my personal best.  I find myself thinking, Jason, if you had done better, if you were more talented, if you were more professional, if, if, if, the phone would be ringing off the hook and your inbox would be inundated with speaking opportunities.


The simple fact is that if we rely on the outside world to constantly prove our worth to us, we will be disappointed.


Not only is that too much to ask of the world, it would be way too much for us to handle were the world to answer back.  We’d be entirely overwhelmed!  If I was getting calls every five minutes offering me a new speaking gig, pretty soon I’d be wanting to flush the phone down the toilet.

I think it’s important to train ourselves to feel the goodness of life working in our favor even on quiet afternoons.  


What my parents told me as a little kid was completely true: I’m the best me and you are the best you.

Let’s do our Imperfect Best to remember this wisdom, not only at those times when the world seems to be excitedly pointing at us and screaming “You are the best,” but also during those quiet afternoons when it is up to us to remember “I am the best” and truly feeling it in our heart and throughout our body.




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