f you are looking for a traditional business or motivational speaker, I have utmost confidence that you will find one.  I wish you the best event you’ve ever had and won’t take a second more of your time.

However, if you are still reading this because you are looking for something more, I am confident I will fit your criteria.  My aim is to charm the audience I have the good fortune of speaking to. I love to get them laughing and participating, all while delivering a message with precision that could well transform their careers, as well as, their personal lives.  My ability to do this would come as a surprise to the entirety of my seventh grade class, which likely would have voted me “Least Likely to Be a Professional Speaker.” You see, I have a speech impediment.  

Back in 7th grade, the only thing I was a professional at was hating the sound of my voice as well as my coordination differences, the results of cerebral palsy which came packaged with my life as the result of birth trauma.  Needless to say, back then, I had a huge problem that could have crippled me for life. I’ve come to realize that the problem wasn’t my cerebral palsy. That was merely a circumstance I had been born into. The problem was that I had a habitual outlook on my circumstance that kept making the problem bigger and bigger, insurmountable even, instead of moving me towards a solution.


“I asked Jason to come and speak at my event to inspire the audience, to get people rallied up and ready to take action, to move this dormant goal that they had, to move it forward.  And I can’t count how many people came up to me after the event and said how inspired they were by his story, his testimony, and how they’re leaving different than the way they walked in.  That’s exactly what I was hoping.  That’s the exact intention I had for him speaking to my audience and that’s exactly what he delivered.  So, I just want to thank Jason from the bottom of my heart for coming and bringing the fire.”


Creator, Chief Accountability Officer at the Morning Hero

Do staff and executives ever face problems that seem so big as to be almost insurmountable?

Finding innovative solutions to these problems can sometimes mean millions of dollars more in profits, staff becoming more effective, and sometimes make the difference between whether an organization survives beyond the next four quarters or not.

Now, during my presentation, there’s a 99.99% chance that I will not provide your staff or executives their million dollar solution, BUT what I can do is remind them of their power to take consistent micro steps towards the solutions they are seeking and the corporate vision they are creating.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, “Jason is that it? What kind of powerful success strategy is “taking micro steps?”

Well, I say it’s one of the most powerful success strategies available.  Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate: Twelve years ago, I woke up in my dark basement apartment to the realization that my habitual way of managing my disability was still painfully close to what it had been in 7th grade.  Meaning, I had been habitually approaching my problem in the same way for about twenty years and my approach was so deeply ingrained, I barely noticed it.  

Do approaches to problems in a company or organization ever become deeply ingrained?

Luckily, I remembered that, months earlier, some friends had suggested I try yoga.  At the time, I brushed their suggestion aside because it seemed far too radical.  However, on this particular day, I was so sick and tired of feeling painfully overwhelmed and unsuccessful that I finally did something out-of-the-box and innovative – I walked down to the local YMCA and bought myself a $35 dollar membership with the intention of taking a yoga class.  I didn’t even take a yoga class that first day.   BUT, that action of buying a membership was the micro step that changed everything.  You see, that micro step led to others, like going to one yoga class after another. All of my micro steps eventually built into huge strides.  These strides have led me to be the Professional Speaker I am today – not too shabby for a guy with a speech impediment. 

Highly successful people have the intelligence and talent to figure out solutions.  In fact, they have both in spades. However, the difficulty they often run into is that they overcomplicate the steps between problem and solution.  They don’t remember that these steps can be as seemingly small and insignificant as buying a $35 dollar yoga membership.

I’m here to remind them of that, speech impediment and all.  


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