Jason is amazing! He can ask you just a few questions and put together a FUN, interactive way to engage a team of people. He really knows how to inspire and create a way to engage people to take action. Thank you Jason for offering such an amazing service and talent!

Michelle Weinstein

President, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

This was without a doubt the best team building and motivational staff event I have ever experienced. Jason shared with us not only the effect laughter can have on a team, but the importance of positive thinking and acting.

Chef Amy Warren

Owner and COO, Chef Amy's Cafe 334, Sioux Falls, SD

Jason is an amazing individual who inspires and reminds us to always give our best.

Greg S. Reid

Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, San Diego, CA

Jason is like a shot of B12.


Real Estate Agent, Sioux Falls, SD

I have had the honor of witnessing many speakers inspire and rejuvenate an audience but Jason Freeman ranks among the best! He connects with teachers and students alike and brings us to a place of understanding, empathy and empowerment. He’s sincere, engaging and hilarious! If you desire a memorable speech that will leave your audience smiling, I highly recommend Jason Freeman as your next keynote.

Genein Letford

2015 Charter Teacher of the Year

Jason’s talk made me remember limitations are truly only something we impose on ourselves, so we can also take them away. You showed with your personal story that anything is possible.  To never stop trying even when you get frustrated.

Ashley Dawn

Executive Assistant, San Diego, CA

Jason spoke at the Habitude Warrior Conference to kids ages 7-17 and really connected with them. Sharing who he was authentically and having an insightful conversation with them really had them excited. At the end of the day several of the kids told me that he was their favorite speaker and wanted his autograph. 

Jason really knows how to connect with his audience and brought so much value to this group. You could feel the kids really relate to him and open up their hearts.  They asked questions and felt comfortable being authentic. Jason speaks with such poise and enthusiasm along with bringing in authenticity and vulnerability that add so much value to his audience.

Larayne Glidewell

Junior Habitude Warrior coordinato

Jason Freeman graciously accepted an invitation to speak to one of my university courses; Psychology of Exceptional Child class. When I first met Jason, I found him to be authentic, funny, and very inspiring. Jason does not disappoint, as my students loved hearing his story, and enjoyed interacting with him. These future teachers were inspired and they learned a great deal about working with individuals living with disabilities. Jason’s message had both personal and professional words of advice. I do not know anyone more authentic than Jason. He has a powerful message to share and will inspire anyone who has the opportunity to meet him.

Dr. Deborah J. Hrivnak

coach, speaker, author and university professor, MyCoachDeborah, Inc.

I have now had the opportunity to share a stage with Jason on more than one occasion and had him as a guest on my radio program. I can confidently say that Jason is a class-act both on and off the stage. He is man who walks the talk when it comes to demonstrating bravery and overcoming fear. I have found his talks to be enlightening, uplifting, and inspirational. He has a warm personality coupled with a great sense of humor, and he lights up a room with his positive energy. Whether you are looking for a speaker to inspire your students, or a keynote at your company dinner, I would absolutely recommend Jason Freeman. He will not disappoint!

Jig Patel

Founder, QORE1

Jason Freeman took my students from zero to 60 in under ten seconds!  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Jason Freeman speak to students and professionals, and without question he’s one of the best!  I highly recommended!

Gary Dop

Writer and Professor, Minneapolis, MN

Jason’s presentation helped me understand there should never be a moment where I underestimate myself and that I am able to do whatever I put my mind to.


FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

Jason Freeman is not only an amazing coach but he is an amazing human being. He has an extraordinary ability to move through what would stifle others with fear and transform that into his shining gifts that he gives the world. I know because he was able to be 100% present for me in a moment I was stuck in my old programming and for that I will always be grateful. His presence enabled me to release the emotion and then love and have compassion for myself even more. Thanks, Jason! You are a powerful coach!

Mary Rives, MHA, BA, MS, CPC

Jason served as our “EdTalk” Speaker  at the CSUSM site of the 2016 Better Together: CA Teachers Summit with overwhelming success so much so that he received a standing ovation by a ballroom full of experienced teachers and administrators.  His talk was excellent: full of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and “use on Monday morning” content.  Our audience came seeking empowerment, ideas and support for the coming year, and Jason delivered so much more!

Professional, personable, compassionate, he blew them away with quiet confidence and authenticity.

Leslie Mauerman

Lecturing Professor, Sp Ed Faculty, CSUSM School of Education