When I was a little kid my parents frequently told me, “You are the best.”


Each of us are born into a unique set of circumstances.  Some of these circumstances may seem to offer opportunities, while others may seem to offer great challenges.  My birth itself literally changed the circumstances from which I would create my life.  You see, in the process of being born, my umbilical cord became kinked like a garden hose. This type of birth trauma is called cerebral palsy.  As the result of the trauma, I developed a pronounced speech impediment and noticeable coordination differences.

My parent’s attitude towards these circumstances was “Kiddo, rise to the greatness within you.”   My greatness may have not included speaking with a crystal clear voice or being naturally gifted at athletics, but my parent’s understood I still had the capability to become my unique best in life.

As I started to grapple with pre-puberty and puberty, however, my understanding of myself gradually changed to, ”Jason, you are good for nothing.  You are the worst!  There is simply no greatness within you to rise to!”


Has your inner monologue ever sounded like that?


As humans, we have the capacity to be our own worst critic. That critic often grows into the biggest bully we will ever know. The pain that we are capable of inflicting on ourselves is intense and astounding.  We have the capability of losing sight of the unique greatness we possess.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to learn to become kind towards ourselves, to learn to become our own friend and, in turn, to love ourselves.


Do we need to love ourselves to survive?  No!
Do we need to love ourselves to succeed in our careers?  Nope!

Do we need to love ourselves to feel peace?
From hard experience, I would say yes.


My parents were absolutely wise and right when the told me, “You are the best!”  I’m the best and only ME in this world.  As you are the best and only YOU in this world.



May this truth become more and more evident to you with each passing day.



Photo by Hyunwon Jang on Unsplash


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