How often do we want more freedom from our weekly routine?


I’m writing this blog because I’m tired of having to write a blog each week in order to have a “weekly blog”.  I want the freedom to write a blog if I feel like it, instead of feeling that it’s expected of me.

Ok!  I’m pretty proud of asking the compelling question at the top and the second paragraph is matter-of-fact.  But….

Where do I go from here?


How often do we reject our ideas soon after we think of them because we’re just not sure where they are going to go?


Will our most fresh ideas move us ahead, or simply take us down a rabbit hole that’s a waste of time?

Maybe, I will work for thirty minutes on this blog, then go, “Why the heck would I publish a blog entitled, ‘I’m Writing This Blog To Get Ahead.”

Who’s cares about it?  Is it unprofessional?  Is it just too much information?  (Well at least it’s less information than when I wrote about Halloween Hemorrhoids.)

Yet, I keep typing, partly because I’m curious where it will end up.

Once we start following an idea, we may comfort ourselves by imagining we know exactly where following our idea will take us, but most often we do not.  Following our ideas may open up unexpected doors and shut others.

One thing I love about following this blog idea is that it’s not boring.  Writing it is not like anything I’ve written before.

I used to spend time feeling bored until I figured out that I would much rather find interesting things to do.  What I’ve discovered since then is that there are endless interesting things to do in life.

The catch is that most of them start with a new idea.

We pretty much know what will happen if we do the same thing we’ve been doing for the last 20 years.  Of course, it once was a new idea, but that was 10 or 20 years ago.

Can you imagine if I just republished the same blog each week, over and over and over again?


Why drive repetitively around the same block when there is a whole world to explore?


(If that’s not a cliche, it should be.)

I’m hoping you are feeling good right now.  I know I am.  I just wrote a blog and “got ahead”, but more than that I inspired myself to pursue more of my unique ideas.


I hope you are inspired to pursue more of yours.




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