I might have a Hemorrhoid.  Either that or something far worse.


Too much information?  YES, it is!  Way too much.

I didn’t even wait to overshare six paragraphs down.   I threw you in the deep end right away.


I overshared because I want to talk about assuming the worst about our bodies, something I started doing about my body at age 8.  By now I’m a raging pro at it.


When I notice a new bump on my skin or feel a new pain in my stomach, I often go to worse case scenarios involving doctors, surgeries, hospitals and diseases I don’t want.  Oh yes, I go there.  Then I go to the internet with it’s endless information about skin bumps, stomach pains, hemorrhoids and things far, far worse.


Side note– Who in the world thought of putting the second ‘h’ in Hemorrhoids?  I wish [hem-or-hoid] was a three syllable word and we put the emphasis on that second ‘H’.


Anyway . . .

Being human is such a human experience.