I am the BEST!

It’s high time that both you and I get these truths.


BUT wait a minute?  How can we both be the best?

Can’t there only be ONE best?


When I was a wee child, my parents frequently said, “Jason, you are the best.”

In retrospect, how could this have been?  I was a four year old who could barely talk, and who was uncoordinated as an ameba trying to crochet.  In a world that rigorously compares us to each other, I definitely was not the “best,” not even in the ball park of the “best,” or the same city as the ball park, or same country as the ball park.  You get the idea.

In that comparison game, I wasn’t even really in the game.

However, in comparison to all the other little Jason Freeman’s out there with my exact DNA and set of circumstances, I was the one and only.  That made me the BEST.


I know this may just sound like a bunch of fluffy word game BS in our competitive culture, but I’m inspiring myself as I write this, so bear with me.

Let’s look at this issue of being the BEST more closely.  What is more valued in the art world,  the one and only original of the Mona Lisa or one of the millions of reprints of the Mona Lisa?


Being an original has an uniqueness which makes it the BEST.


The difficulty is that us humans often get shy around our original best-ness and try to dilute it by continually wishing to be somebody other than who we are.

This is like the Mona Lisa spending her life wanting to be a Picasso painting.

Another thing us humans tend to do is take for granted the best that is uniquely us.  Because we live with ourselves all the time, we start assuming that who we are is just normal, boring, or blah.  Even more painful, we start assuming that our best is somehow subpar or even the worse.


It’s no easy task for us humans to see the magnificence of our own lives.


Our mission if we choose to accept it is to help each other to not only be our best, but to appreciate it.


This is a lofty mission, but we can do it.


You are THE BEST!




We are THE BEST!




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Featured photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash