Yesterday, I announced that I will be giving a TEDx talk in August. Two days ago, I gave an interview on the Success To Significance Podcast with Rick Coplin that felt so good.  My first book Awkwardly Awesome – Embracing My Imperfect Best has been out for just over two months and people are constantly telling me how much they enjoy it.


Right now, it’s 4:34 am in San Diego.  In the MORNING!!! (Yes, I said in the morning for emphasis).  I’m up because in a few hours I fly to Dallas to speak at the Habitude Warrior Conference, where I’m going to ask the audience to ponder a question with me:


“What’s one thing in life or business that you haven’t done that you are aching to do?”


I’m nursing a sore throat, at the moment, and my voice is hoarse.  My talk won’t go nearly as well if people can’t hear a single word I say when I open my mouth.  A speech impediment is one thing, but a hoarse speech impediment is quite another.  Also, I still need to shower, do some last-minute-packing and get myself out the door in the next 50 minutes.


As you can see, I’m using this valuable time to write this blog.


I’m calm.  Why?  Because through many years of trial and error, error and trial, trial versus trial, and error on error action, I’ve developed a routine that works for my needs.


“Routine” for me is definitely a work in progress.


Which is a good thing.  No matter how successful I get, I’m still going to have to remember to pack underwear, toothpaste and socks and get to the airport before the plane takes off.


This morning routine grounds me and gives me confidence that I will remember all the details to which I need to attend.


Routine also helps when I’m feeling frustrated and down.  I can concentrate on the steps of the routine instead of on anxiety that could have me flailing my arms in the street like a lunatic.


What is a routine that helps you through stressful times?


How is it a work in progress?


What’s your next step in strengthening it?


Got to go!  I have a plane to catch.



PS- 3:31 pm Central Time in Dallas, TX:  I’m happy to report I made it the airport this morning in plenty of time to eat a breakfast burrito before I caught my plane.  My voice sounds somewhat better.  I’m optimistic that it will mend more by tomorrow.  Hopefully when I take the stage, I will speak with a tried and true speech impediment sans the hoarseness.  Fingers crossed.




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