I’ve noticed that I feel best and get the best results when I’m Jason Freeman, au naturel.  

Noooo, not naked Jason Freeman (I haven’t joined a nudist commune . . . yet).  

According to Merriam Webster Online, one of the definitions of “au natural” is “being in natural style or condition.”

For me that roughly translates into a big smile, an open heart, a unique accent, a surplus of corny jokes and child-like wonder.

It’s during these moments I find life entirely joyful and am pleasantly surprised at the opportunities that unfold with ease.

When I think of these happy times, I get a clear mental image:  Me laughing with delight, zipping down a waterslide on a ninety degree mid-July afternoon, simply enjoying the delightful adventure.

Do you have an au naturel state?

What mental images spring to mind when you think of it?  


Ah, I set myself up for that one, let’s try again . . .

What other images spring to mind when you think of your truly au naturel self?


Then, of course, there are those “Other Times”.  You know, the ones where I figure I need to appear far smarter, far more skilled, far more successful than I actually feel I am.

In other words, I feel the need to impress to feel like I’m enough.

During these times, life often feels grueling, uncomfortable, tedious and like miserably hard work.  The image that comes to mind when I think of these “Other Times” is of me, efforting and efforting to loosen a rusty bolt with a wrench.   If you’re unfamiliar with the metaphor; not much actually happens other than an abundance of sweat, exhaustion, and airborne rust.

Have you ever felt like this?


Now I don’t proclaim to know the secret of complete immersion into that mid-summer waterslide moment-after-moment-of-bliss lifestyle, but I do believe that it begins by acknowledging when we are in our au naturel state and noticing the ease with which results come to us…

And also those times when we are trying to loosen the rusty bolt with a wrench and desperation.

I imagine we all experience both varieties of times because we are human.


And that’s ok.


Though I have to say I do prefer being au naturel.




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