I can choose to love my speech impediment.  Or I can hate it.  Either way, I still have a speech impediment.

Someone might say, “Well, Jason, it’s a very big world.  There may very well be a cure for your speech impediment out there, somewhere.” 

I believe they are probably right.

If we are patient and persist, solutions to even the most vexing problems can often be created.

In the meantime, I still have a speech impediment.

In light of this, I’ve learned to adopt a very important perspective: We might as well learn to make light of the things that frustrate us about ourselves that we can’t immediately change.  I’d go so far as to suggest we apply this perspective to the problems we experience of a similar nature.  

We can choose to approach our problems with lightness, without taking away from our efforts to solve the problem.  In my experience, when I feel lighter, I tap into a deeper part of my mind that’s more playful and creative, as opposed to my dead serious, fight-or-flight, monkey-brain.

Far from being irresponsible, approaching problems and insecurities with a lightheartedness can help us create more effective solutions.  And faster.  We might also get to feel a little joyfulness during the process.

Remember, you or I can choose to love today.  Or we can hate it.  But either way, it is still today.

Most of us aren’t rich beyond belief, but we can certainly do our imperfect best to give ourselves, and one another, a priceless gift: As much happiness as we can muster in each moment of every day.

JASON FREEMAN is a Professional Speaker and the proud owner of a Speech Impediment.  He is also the author of “Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best” and a Perseverance Coach.

He excites and encourages his audience to break through the barriers of their own limitations using a method he created, called “Doing your Imperfect Best ™”.

His Imperfect TEDx Talk can be viewed here.