Everything I’m about to say is cheesy, too-sweet-cotton-candy and otherwise mindless fluff-stuff.

At least, that’s what I would have thought back when I was accustomed to living from my unhappy place.

The only reason I’m able to even contemplate writing this now is because I find myself consistently the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

I used to imagine I had to have a girlfriend, or be married, or have kids, or make hay bales of money, or inspire tens of millions of people to be happy.

Have you ever felt that you lacked the things, the love and the achievements you needed to be happy?  Perhaps you feel this way now?  It’s ok, let’s honor that painful longing for a moment.


What are some things that you have imagined you need to have or achieve in your life before you can truly be happy?


It took me some time (oh, only about thirty years or so) but I discovered that actual happiness takes much less effort than achieving the sweeping life goals I used to think it required.  I discovered the path to real, honest-to-goodness, happiness added up to smaller, moment by moment decisions on my part.

Actually, we have so much freedom to create the happiness we want on a daily basis.  Realizing this freedom starts with making small decisions.

We can decide to pay attention.   We can decide to acknowledge the gifts we have.  We can choose to notice these gifts instead of obsessing about the burdens.  We can opt to take small steps in the direction that truly delights us.  We can decide to acknowledge and celebrate these small steps toward our dreams.

Basically, we can seize our freedom to move forward instead of imagining our dreams are impossible.


What are some small decisions you can make to create a path to happiness each day?


See, I’ve found that happiness is much like a pit bull named Max.  If Max is fed, watered, walked, played with and loved everyday, Max remains in good spirits.  But if Max is neglected and cooped up, he can make one heck of a ruckus and become very un-cottoncandy-like.


Yes, a girlfriend, marriage, kids, hay bales of money, millions of inspired people, may all be part of my future.

YES!  I will welcome it all.

But to withhold the happiness that I can experience now, so that I can maybe achieve it at some future unknown date?  No way.

In the meantime, I choose to commit today and every day to do everything in my power to be as vibrantly happy as I can be.


Will you join me?



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