Our ability to love ourselves and our lives has so much to do with whether we are happy on a routine basis or not.  Yet, we tend to get upset and very serious about the things that frustrate us about ourselves and about our lives.


We are going to have things that frustrate us about ourselves and problems to deal with whether we laugh about them and deal with them in a playful manner or choose to get deathly serious about them.


For example, I can choose to hate or love my speech impediment.  But either way, I still have a speech impediment.

So we might as well make light of things that frustrate us about ourselves, as well as, our problems.  We can choose to approach our problems with lightness, while still working to solve our problems.


In my experience, when we feel lighter, we tap into a part of our mind that is playful and creative, instead of fight or flight serious.


Creativity and joy are what our problems and insecurities about ourselves most need.


Far from being irresponsible, approaching problems and insecurities with a light heart can help us create more effective solutions faster, and to feel joyful in the process.


The people around us will appreciate this gift too.

Most of us aren’t billionaires yet, but we can do our imperfect best to give ourselves and those around us the priceless gift of joy each day.





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