Getting my speaking and bravery coaching business even close to bringing in the money I want it to bring in has not worked thus far. AND I’ve been at this for about ten years now.

Yes, at times I feel fear about these business results and guilt. At times, I feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, and that I don’t have the capacity to learn.


I don’t know what is awkward in your life right now, but I do know two things:

First- We all have some form of awkwardness in our lives that causes us pain, whether others can see it or not.

Second- From this painful awkwardness, awesomeness can emerge.


Part of me wants to erase the first paragraph and forget about this post. Part of me wants you to just keep seeing the posts of all my speaking gigs, book readings, podcasts, and media appearances.

Is it AWKWARD to struggle at a small business and not bring in the money you know you are capable of bringing in? YES

However, a deeper part of me knows that so many of us want to know there’s hope for the awkwardness we are often going through mostly in silence.

This part of me knows that within the AWKWARD of our lives, the AWESOME can emerge.

At some moments, I’m frustrated beyond all frustration about my business results thus far, that business seems so tough and that I seem not to be a natural at it.

Yet, a deeper part of me knows that the message and the tools that my business offers are deeply valuable and deeply needed and that the AWKWARD financial results my business is currently experiencing will eventually turn into something deeply AWESOME.


 What’s your awkward story that you are looking to bring awesomeness to? Comment if you want or just think about it.


Know that day by day we are creating the story that turns our awkwardness into awesomeness.


The awkwardness in your life and mine can and will turn into something awesome.


Together we can do this.




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