My laundry is half put away.  My hamper is still in the middle of the floor.  I need to eat lunch because I’m really hungry.

But I had this idea while putting t-shirts on hangers of writing a blog post in ten minutes, then editing it in 5 minutes and then sending it off to the mastermind behind this operation, Chris Taylor, to be laid out.

This is a crazy timeline for anyone and I’ve always had a story that I move slow, using my Cerebral Palsy and all as evidence.


What “evidence” do you use to support you not doing what you want to do in life?

We have a chance to challenge the “evidence” we use
to repeatedly confirm the stories
of why
we can’t.

This 10 minute blog is my challenge to my story of my slowness.


What is your next small challenge to the stories that are holding you back?

I have three minutes left to type.

What of use can be said in that time?

Other than….


Challenge yourself.

Challenge your painful stories.

You have your dreams to live.

You have your dreams to offer the world.

As I do.


Here’s to living on our edge.


PS- That wasn’t so bad.

PPS- Now time to edit.

PPPS-Editing done.  Now time to eat and resume laundry putting away.




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